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LEGO® Still Life with Bricks: The Art of Everyday Play

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Still Life with Bricks: The Art of Everyday Play makes a delightful gift for any LEGO® fan.
This colourful book recreates commonplace scenes from everyday life using LEGO® bricks. Transforming bricks into minty toothpaste, eggs and bacon, lush houseplants, and more, LEGO® Still Life creatively reimagines the mundane and finds playfulness in everyday objects. Deceptively simple, but meticulously executed, these images transform the way we see the world around us.

About the author:
Lydia Ortiz is an illustrator and designer living in San Francisco with her two adorable cats and husband in an apartment filled with plants. She chooses projects that focus on bold storytelling and image-making to create strong narratives. When she is not building stories out of LEGO® bricks, she draws a lot. In fact, she makes something for herself every single day, like a small drawing or a collage, to keep her creativity fresh and present. Her illustrations have been featured in The New York Times, The Washington Post, Instagram, and Teen Vogue. Michelle Clair works by day to create and produce gift & stationery products and moonlights as a visual designer. She loves to build things with all sorts of materials, among them wood, fabric, paper, food, and now LEGO® bricks. When presented with the objective to build with LEGO® bricks without actually connecting them, she was initially mystified and intrigued at the challenge, then thrilled at the opportunity to play all day long! When she is not making things, Michelle likes to hit the hiking trails in the San Francisco Bay Area to admire the visual majesty of the natural world.

Age range: 6-12 years
Page: 144 pages
Dimensions: 212x213x21
ISBN: 9781452179629