Lily & George

Lily & George - Madeleine Doll

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Madeleine is best friends with Bessie, and they love to play together and try on new ideas with their outfits. Madeleine is also a whiz with numbers, and often helps people out with their maths, turning problems into little songs to help them remember.

Height 40cm

Lily & George:
Once upon a time, there were two best friends named Lily & George...
Like all good fairytales, the story of Lily & George first began with a wish. We wished upon a star that there was a gorgeous soft toy collection:

  • designed for New Zealand children
  • which encouraged creativity and imagination through role-play
  • that was irresistibly cute and cuddly
  • made using the safest materials and designs
  • that quickly become lifelong friends with their special child
  • always ready to play make-believe, tell stories, listen and offer comfort

The Fairy Godmother heard our wishes and just knew she needed to pay us a visit. Together with her help, our wishes came true and the story of Lily & George began.