Lily & George

Lily & George - Thea Mini Plush Bunny

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Thea is the smallest and cutest of all the bears. Everyone adores her, and they love her company so much. Even her loudest laugh is like a tiny giggle to most of the animals, and she fills people with happiness with the biggest smiles. Her best friends Mia Bunny and Riya and Cia Bear are never far from her side.

Size: 22cm
Material:100% polyester
Filling: 100% polyester

Great gift idea for a baby shower, birthday or Christmas

Lily & George:
Once upon a time, there were two best friends named Lily & George...
Like all good fairytales, the story of Lily & George first began with a wish. We wished upon a star that there was a gorgeous soft toy collection:

  • designed for New Zealand children
  • which encouraged creativity and imagination through role-play
  • that was irresistibly cute and cuddly
  • made using the safest materials and designs
  • that quickly become lifelong friends with their special child
  • always ready to play make-believe, tell stories, listen and offer comfort

The Fairy Godmother heard our wishes and just knew she needed to pay us a visit. Together with her help, our wishes came true and the story of Lily & George began.