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Sandpit Mastery: Important Tips for Safe and Fun Playtime
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Sandpit Mastery: Important Tips for Safe and Fun Playtime

Important Safety Note: To ensure the safety of both you, the installer, and your children, please read these instructions thoroughly before beginning the positioning and installation of this product.

  1. Utilize Covers:
    • Always cover the sandpit when not in use to prevent the entry of animals and the deposition of inappropriate items like glass or rubbish.
    • Note: The sandpit cover is not a toy and should be removed before allowing children to play.

  2. Maintain Appropriate Depth:
    • Ensure the sand is at a suitable depth for safety and easy raking before each use to check for foreign objects.
    • Rake the sand occasionally during playtime to maintain its quality.

  3. Remove Foreign Items:
    • Promptly remove any objects or items found in the sand. Use a shovel for larger items and consider replacing the sand if contamination is significant.

  4. Promote Hygiene:
    • Encourage children to follow health and safety rules by washing their hands after each play session.

  5. Ensure Good Drainage:
    • Especially if water play is involved, make sure there's proper drainage for the sandpit to dry effectively.

  6. Regularly Change Sand:
    • Replace the sand periodically to prevent the accumulation of mold and ensure a clean play area.

  7. Secure in Adverse Weather:
    • During windy or adverse weather conditions, ensure the product is securely stored to prevent it from becoming a hazard.

  8. Proper Placement:
    • Position the sandpit on a level surface at least 2 meters away from any structures or obstructions.

  9. Avoid Hard Surfaces:
    • Do not install the sandpit over concrete, asphalt, or any other hard surface.

Timber Advice:

This product is crafted from premium timber, which may undergo natural changes over time. These changes may include:

  • Development of openings along the grain, which is normal and does not affect the product's strength or guarantee.
  • Slight warping or distortion, which will not impact safety or enjoyment.
  • Fading due to sun exposure. Treat the timber annually with a water repellent or furniture oil for protection.

After the first year, use a child-safe treatment on the product.

Additional Tips:

  • Remove toys from the sandpit daily and rake regularly to keep it tidy and ensure safety.
  • Clean the sandpit as needed, especially in cases of contamination. Dispose of contaminated sand and allow the rest to dry in the sun.
  • Use disinfectant only when necessary and maintain proper drainage to keep the sandpit dry.
  • Use washed and play sand for best results. Check for sharp objects regularly and consider using a root mat to separate sand from garden soil.

Routine Maintenance:

Regularly check all main parts and fixings for security, sharp edges, and integrity. Replace, oil, and tighten as needed to prevent potential hazards.

For further assistance, contact our customer service team.

Important Reminder: Remember to print and store these instructions in a safe place for future reference if needed.

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