Taylorson baby sleeping pods are designed to provide a safe and portable option for your baby's sleep, rest, and play under your close supervision. Whether you're attending to household chores, enjoying leisure time, or visiting friends and family, our baby nests offer you the flexibility to keep your baby nearby while you go about your day.

Key Safety Guidelines:

  1. Supervised Use: Always use our baby nests under close supervision. Do not leave your baby unattended while using the pod.

  2. Stationary Use: Avoid carrying your baby in the baby nest. Place it on a firm, flat surface before placing your baby inside.

  3. Positioning: Always lay your baby with their feet at the "tie" end of our nest and ensure their head is away from the foot end to prevent any risks of suffocation.

  4. Safe Surroundings: Place the baby nest away from vertical structures, walls, or confined spaces to prevent suffocation hazards.

  5. Avoid Suffocation Risks: Do not place any stuffed toys, extra bedding, or pillows inside the nest that could pose suffocation risks to your baby.

  6. Regular ChecksAlways use our baby sleep pods under close supervision

  7. Sleep Position: Always lay your baby on their back to sleep to reduce the risk of Sudden Unexpected Deaths in Infancy (SUDI). Ensure their airways are clear and avoid overheating by using appropriate sleeping attire.

  8. Temperature Regulation: Dress your baby in suitable clothing and avoid overheating by not using excessive blankets or quilts.

  9. Ventilation: Ensure the room is well-ventilated while your baby sleeps.

  10. Product Use Limitation: Discontinue using the nest once your baby can move or turn from back to belly to prevent suffocation risks.

  11. Avoid Elevated or Heated Surfaces: Never place the pod on a high surface or near heat sources to prevent accidents.

  12. Hazards Awareness: Keep cords, heaters, and chargers away from the baby cot and nest bed to avoid potential hazards.

Please follow the provided washing instructions for maintaining the hygiene and integrity of your baby nest. Additionally, adhere to the care instructions to ensure its longevity and safety.

Remember, while our products are designed with utmost care, it's crucial to exercise your judgment and follow these safety guidelines diligently. 

Taylorson accepts no responsibility for any failure to adhere to these guidelines.

For more information on safe sleeping practices, please refer to resources provided by reputable health organizations such as the Ministry of Health, Plunket, and KidsHealth.

Co-Sleeping Disclaimer:

Taylorson does not endorse or encourage co-sleeping but acknowledges that it's a personal parental choice. If you choose to co-sleep, ensure your baby has their own safe sleeping space beside you to mitigate the risk of suffocation.

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