Tikiri Bonikka All Natural Play Doll - Neva 38cm

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Neva is a cotton soft doll and is from our all-natural doll collection.

Neva is wearing a lovely all-natural grey check and blue coloured jersey dress with matching coloured shoes and hair ribbons. Neva's doll dress has a lovely yellow flower feature and she also has white socks to match the flower.

Neva's doll dress is removable for easy cleaning or you could dress her up in a different outfit for a special occasion. 

Neva loves to play outside with her friends and is perfect for cuddles and companionship. 

  • Size: 38cm
  • Age Recommendation: 12+ months
  • Materials: 100% Cotton Body and Clothing.
  • Stuffing: 100% Recycled PET bottle fibre.
  • Socially responsible manufacturing.

Ragdoll soft toys have a special place in the lives of children and parents. Ragdolls will always have a timeless appeal to children and offer the following benefits:

  • Enhance fine motor skills
  • Educate children's visual memory
  • Help to make children feel secure and safe
  • Promote natural feelings of affection
  • Provide companionship   

Ragdolls are not only great for children, but they can also be extremely beneficial for people suffering from Dementia too. Known as empathy dolls, soft dolls and rag dolls offer the following benefits for dementia patients:

  • Comforting and soothing
  • Provide a connection and stimulate comfort through hugging
  • Can create memories of affection and remind people of a time when they had children or pets.
  • Help to prevent or suppress stress and anxiety
  • Can help patients to connect with the outside world and is particularly useful for those who struggle to engage with others