Animambo - Musical Carnaval

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Get ready for a carnival of music with this colourful and fun 4 instruments in 1. This gorgeous colourful animal themed set makes for a fun addition to the Animambo range.The solid wood base holds everything together, over 14 inches long gives your room to play and make beautiful music. Helps develop fine motor skills, early musical skills, timing, cause and effect and cognitive development. Made from the highest quality materials. Features a Xylophone, Drum, Cymbal and an Egg Shaker.

A beautifully illustrated musical table made from wood and metal that children can use to experiment with different instruments: a drum, a xylophone, a cymbal and a maraca. The perfect present for introducing little ones aged 2 and over to the wonderful world of making music. A marvellous musical table with beautiful animal illustrations.

  • Age: 2 years and up
  • Approx package dimensions: 37 x 25 x 19 cms
  • Contents: a Xylophone, Drum, Cymbal and an Egg Shaker.