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Big Feelings by Rebekah Ballagh

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Big Feelings by Rebekah Ballagh

Bestselling author of Note to Self, Note to Self Journal and Words of Comfort, Rebekah Ballagh, turns her attention to helping children learn to understand their emotions, how they make them feel and how to manage them.​

Mikah feels so sad . . .
Chloe's feeling angry . . .
Charlie feels anxious . . .

Feelings are messages from the heart!

Big Feelings helps you to understand your emotions, how they make you feel and how you can manage them.

Includes strategies and resources for parents, caregivers and teachers.

Rebekah Ballagh's strong counselling background combines perfectly with her empathetic storytelling and adorable illustrations.

'One of the best books I've seen about emotions. Rebekah goes beyond linking emotions to colours or naming them but also describes how they make your body feel and how to manage them. I highly recommend this book for all parents and educators.' School Library News

'Big Feelings is designed to help little children but, full disclosure, I've used a couple of the techniques in the back on myself. It's good stuff.' Matt Heath, NZ Herald

ISBN 9781991006004
80 pages