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Bumblebee by Rachel Weston

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“This story starts it all off for our youngest humans, on their way to become nature literate.” – Ruud Kleinpaste (The Bug Man)

When Bumblebee awakens from her long winter sleep she cannot find any flowers for food. Who will save Bumblebee? A child of course.

A sweet, relevant story invoking conversations with children about the wonder and importance of bees. Perfect for inspiring our little people to take care of our little creatures & the world around us.

This beautifully rhyming story is a delight to the eyes and to the ears. The messages are factual and important. In Bumblebee Rachel introduces the concept of pollination in a deceptively simple way as we follow Bumblebee through the seasons of her remarkable year.

"For the sake of humanity and the life-forms we live with on Earth, we need to rediscover the Operations Manual of our Planet and that means getting acquainted with our natural world as early as possible in life. Insects do brilliant jobs and they are involved in so many eco-systems, showing that, in Nature, everything is connected. This story starts it all off for your youngest humans, on their way to become nature literate." - Ruud Kleinpaste

Written by: Rachel Weston
Illustrated by Deborah Hinde
ISBN 9780473571245
Paperback 270 x 240mm 32 pages
Size: 215mm x 215mm
Age group: 2 - 6 years