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Connetix Tiles - 42pcs Rainbow Square Pack (STEAM Learning)

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Encourage hours of play and learning with our 42pcs Rainbow Square Pack!

Boost your Connetix fun and expand the possibilities for creative, educational play with our 42 Piece Rainbow Square Pack. This pack features both large and standard square tiles in EVERY rainbow colour!

This pack is great as a standalone starter pack, ideal for gaining confidence and familiarity with magnetic tile play or add it to your existing collection to create tall towers, large rockets, houses, carparks, long roads, expansive ball runs, patterns and mandalas, the opportunities are endless! As a high quality, open-ended quality toy, Connetix will grow WITH your child as they learn and their play becomes more complex.

Complement your 42 Piece Rainbow Square Pack with our 60 Piece Rainbow Starter Pack  and 212 Piece Rainbow Mega Pack to collect every shape – or take your magnetic tile play fun to the next level with our unique92 Piece Rainbow Ball Run Pack!

Weight: 1.76kg
Dimensions: 26 × 17 × 7.7 cm