Construction Vehicles & Busy Road Work Decorative Puzzle Stickers (16 sheets)

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Get ready for an exciting world of creativity and fun with our Construction Vehicles & Road Work Puzzle Stickers! This set of decorative stickers includes 16 sheets packed with vibrant designs that will spark your child's imagination.

  • Create endless construction-themed scenes with these engaging stickers.
  • Each sheet measures 15cm x 21cm, featuring 8 unique designs replicated on 2 sheets, providing a total of 16 sheets in this set.

Let your little one's creativity run wild as they stick these construction vehicles puzzle stickers on notebooks, scrapbooks, walls, gift box and more. Watch as they embark on adventurous construction missions right in the comfort of your home!

Designed to be both decorative and educational, these stickers offer a hands-on way for children to learn about various construction vehicles and road work tools. From bulldozers to cranes, these stickers showcase a colorful array of essential equipment found at construction sites.

Perfect for playtime or enhancing learning activities, these stickers make a wonderful gift for young builders and future engineers. Encourage imaginative play and motor skill development with these themed stickers that bring construction sites to life!

Add an element of excitement to your child's day with the Construction Vehicles & Road Work Puzzle Stickers. Let the adventure begin!