DIY Puzzle Track Car Toy Set with Puzzle Board, Rail Car & Accessories (25pcs)

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Welcome to a world of endless creativity and fun with our DIY puzzle track car toy set! Designed to spark the imagination and cognitive development of young minds, this set is a perfect blend of entertainment and education. The "DIY puzzle track car toy set" is your child's ticket to hours of engaging playtime.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Create Your Own Adventures: Let your child's creativity soar as they build unique track configurations and watch the car zoom through twists and turns.
  • Promotes Learning Through Play: Encourage critical thinking and problem-solving skills while enjoying the excitement of constructing and playing with the puzzle track car set.

Watch as your little one delves into a world of imagination, constructing their own rail car and maneuvering through the custom-designed tracks. As they assemble the pieces with ease, they'll not only enhance their motor skills but also grasp the concepts of cause and effect firsthand. The puzzle track set is crafted to withstand rigorous play, ensuring a durable and stable track for uninterrupted enjoyment.

This versatile toy is not just entertaining; it's a valuable educational tool that nurtures your child's creativity, spatial awareness, and independent thinking. The anti-gravity feature adds an exciting twist to playtime, offering thrilling loops and twists that will keep your child captivated for hours on end.


  • 12 puzzle plates
  • 12 road signs
  • 1 jeep slot car (1 AAA battery required, not included)
  • Age range: 3 years +
  • 4 themes to choose from: Space, Ocean, Forest, Dinosaur