Headu Read & Write Magnetic Lab - Vocabulary Activity (3-6 years)

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Read and write with magnetic letters and objects!

With this game, children will learn to recognise the letters of the alphabet and read and write their first words. The pack contains an operations book with 32 pages of exercises to complete on the magnetic board, using the magnetic letters and objects.

Main Intelligence: Linguistic
Skill: Reading and writing
Topic/Context: Mixed vocabulary
Learning Objectives:
 Learning to recognise the alphabet; Learning to write; Reading the words; Expanding vocabulary; Developing dexterity
Game Type: Words & Objects Activity 

Quick Instructions:
Preparation for the adult:
Adhese the 70 magnetic discs to the 44 letter tiles and 26 object pieces. Dissemble the Operations book by cutting off each of the 16 double-sided pages (cut down the vertical cutting line). These pages become task sheets that will be placed one at a time on the magnetic board for the child to complete each exercise. 

Further explanation:
There are a range of challenges for the child to master. The tasks are numbered in stages 1, 2 and 3 each with increasing levels of complexity.
1. What does it start with?
2. Missing Letters.
3. Read and write with the letter tiles.
Extra for experts: Drawing and writing by hand with the erasable felt pen

How to complete:
Lay out all the letter pieces and object pieces face up for the child to see, then place the first task sheet onto the magnetic board. The child can have a go at completing the exercise by selecting the appropriate letter tiles and object pieces and placing them on the task sheet/magnetic board. With 16 task sheets to complete, there will be plenty of opportunities to practise and master the skills of reading and writing!

Age: 3–6 years
Number of players: 1+
Duration: 20 minutes
Contents: 44 letters; 26 shapes; 1 magnetic board; 70 magnetic discs ; 1 erasable felt pen; 1 operations book; Instructions
Box Dimensions: 17.5 x 62 x 52cm
Origin: Made in Italy