Hey Clay

Hey Clay - Dino (Stegosaurus, Pachycephalosaurus, Brachiosaurus)

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The kids are guaranteed to sculpt an attractive character! Encouraged by their talent, they will be motivated to create further and surely have a lot of fun!

Entertaining app with simple interactive sculpting guides and animated jokes for every character, and fun games on top of that. Interacting with the app, a child will always be satisfied with the process and result of modeling, as the clear interactive instructions for sculpting help to avoid mistakes.

Unlock Limitless Imagination with the Hey Clay Play-Set! Revel in the limitless potential!

Designed to boost kids’ imagination - this vibrant and soft modelling clay is great for sensory development and play-based learning. Developing fine motor skills as well as imagination and creativeness of your little one.

Colourful moldable plasticine allows to model any fantasy, popular hero, trendy toy, decor elements, fashion accessory – any object or installation. An adorable compendium that keeps kiddos occupied for hours as a fun bonding activity for a party, playroom or daycare. Clay air dries and hardens – so your child can keep their little pals to play with. 

  • 6 cans of colourful moldable clay  to make 3 characters 

  • QR code for sculpting instructions in the Hey Clay APP

  • Recommended age 3+ years 

Warning. Not suitable for children under 36 months. Small Parts choking hazard.