HeyDoodle Shape Shifters Playmat (Mini) - Reusable Colouring Set

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HeyDoodle Shape Shifters Playmat (Mini) - Reusable Colouring Set

Draw. Erase. Repeat. 

What a fun way to learn the shapes! Colour in the animals or try to draw them yourselves.

And then do it all again by simply washing off the colour. Each pack comes with:

An A4 reusable silicone mat

A set of 3 markers

A handy carry tube- so you don’t lose anything while on the go

Each mat is thoughtfully designed and features an educational theme (ie letters, farm animals, numbers) so your curious kids can learn as they colour!

All kids (and parents *wink) ages 3-100! But, most engaging for ages 3-7.

Reusable silicone mat - 100 % premium grade silicone that is FDA approved and taste safe for your littlies!

Markers - Non-toxic markers that are erasable and safe for little hands and mouths. Will not smudge once dry, perfect for lefties.

Carry Tube - Reusable tube made from cardboard.