Multifunctional Kids Activity Brick & Drawing Table - Easy to Assemble

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Welcome to the world of endless creativity and fun with our amazing Kids Activity Table! Let your child's imagination soar as they engage in hours of playful exploration on this versatile and captivating table.

Designed to inspire creativity and learning, this Kids Activity Table is a perfect blend of entertainment and education. Whether your little one loves building with bricks or unleashing their artistic skills on the drawing whiteboard, this table offers endless possibilities for fun!

Watch as your child's fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination flourish while they engage in imaginative play. The table's sturdy construction ensures durability, providing a stable surface for various activities, allowing your child to focus on creating masterpieces without any interruptions.

  • Encourages creative play and learning
  • Promotes fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination

This multifunctional table is a breeze to assemble, making it effortless for you to set up in no time. The perfect size of the table and chair ensures that your child sits comfortably while indulging in their artistic and building endeavors.

Let your child's creativity take center stage in their playroom with this Kids Activity Table. Create a space where imagination knows no bounds and where the joy of learning through play flourishes.

Table: Just flip the table to use it as a mini couch
Chair: Just flip the position of the chair and turn it to side table in seconds

  • Table Dimensions: 72cm x 50.8cm x 40.6cm
  • Chair Dimensions: 33cm x 30.4cm x 30.5cm
  • Bricks toy, accessories, book, room decor do not included
  • Package: One Chair and One Table