Cat Design Kids Carry On Ride-On Travel Luggage (20 inches)

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Style: Blue

Cat Design Kids Carry On Ride-On Travel Luggage (20 inches)

  • Cute Cat Ear Shape Design: Enjoy a whimsical touch with our adorable cat ear shape design, providing both fun and functionality. The smooth alloy pole and anti-pinch handle design ensure safe and comfortable travel.

  • Large-capacity Storage: Organize your belongings effortlessly with our spacious storage solution. The frosted surface structure not only resists scratches but also enhances security, making it theft-resistant and safe.

  • Telescoping Handle: Customize the handle height to your preference for added comfort during travel. With sleek designs and premium materials, our suitcases elevate your travel experience with sophistication.

  • Smooth Movement: Glide effortlessly in any direction with our 360° universal wheel system, reducing strain on your wrists. Crafted from high-quality materials, our suitcases are durable, safe, and reliable, protecting your belongings throughout your journey.


  • Wear-resistant
  • Combination Lock for added security
  • Lightweight yet durable construction
  • Waterproof hard-shell exterior, resistant to scratches
  • Strong 360° silent universal wheels for smooth navigation
  • Size: 20 inches, 43x46x22cm
  • Material: ABS+PC, Closure: Zipper
  • Available Colors: Pink, Blue, White, Green, Black
  • Lining material: Fabric
  • Weight Limit: 40kg
  • White & Black on Pre-Order: Estimated delivery timeframe: 3-4 weeks