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Taylen Premium Kids Sofa in Velvet Light Blue and Sherpa Pastel Yellow! 

This adorable kids sofa is the perfect addition to create a special space for your little one to read, paint, watch TV, or simply relax.

Your child's comfort is our top priority. The ergonomic backrest provides adequate spine protection and helps develop good sitting posture. With its anti-tipping design and low, stable gravity center, you can rest easy knowing your child is safe. The smooth edges, wooden frame, and rounded legs ensure both durability and comfort.

Made with high-density foam and luxurious velvet or sherpa fabric, this kids sofa provides a touch of luxury and utmost comfort. It's like having a mini-lounge chair just for them! With a weight capacity of 80-100kg, it's suitable for children between the ages of 2 and 10 years.

Assembly is a breeze, and care is simple. Spot clean with a wet towel and mild soap to keep the sofa looking fresh and clean. The dimensions of the sofa are 58cm x 50cm x 36cm, making it the perfect size for your little one's space.

The Taylen Premium Kids Sofa is designed to bring joy and comfort to your child's everyday activities. Give them their very own cozy spot with this stylish and functional kids sofa. Watch their eyes light up as they discover the joy of having their own special place.

  • Provides adequate spine protection and helps develop good sitting posture
  • Safe and comfortable with an anti-tipping design and low gravity center

Don't miss out on this must-have piece of furniture for your child. Order the Taylen Premium Kids Sofa today and create a space where their imagination can flourish!

  • Weight capacity: 80-100kg
  • Age range: 2-10 years
  • Simple assembly required
  • Care instruction: Spot clean with wet towel and mild soap
  • Dimensions: 58cm x 50cm x 36cm