Kinderfeets Tiny Tot Plus Trike/Balance Bike - White

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Style: Tiny Tot Plus - White

Kinderfeets Tiny Tot Plus Trike/Balance Bike - White

If you’re looking for the best balance bike on the market, you’ve found it! The ever-popular Kinderfeets TINY TOT PLUS – designed for young children aged between 18 months to 4 years – offers two-for-one value as both a tricycle and balance bike.

The three-wheeled tricycle is the perfect way to support your young toddler as they begin to develop their understanding of balance, steering, and coordination. Then, a switch between axles converts the TINY TOT PLUS into a two-wheeled balance bike when your little racer is ready.

With a low step through frame for easy off/on transitions and an adjustable seat height of 25–34 centimetres to ensure a custom fit and plenty of wear, the TINY TOT PLUS provides comfort and safety for young children as they explore their spirit of adventure.

Handcrafted from sustainable and highly replenishable bamboo, the TINY TOT PLUS is also fitted with biodegradable EVA airless tyres that require no pump, ever! All round, we think this eco-friendly training bike is the best active toy for little ones to discover their amazing world!

Recommended age: 18 months – 4 years

Maximum weight limit: Up to 25kgs

Seat height range: 25–34cm

Bike dimensions:  72cm L x 45cm W x 44cm H

Bike weight: 3kgs

Assembly required: Basic level, instructions provided
Frame materials: Birch wood, stained with non-toxic, water-based lacquer coating and white paint
Tyres: EVA airless tyres, made from biodegradable materials
Special features: 2-in-1 conversion from trike to balance bike – all parts included; adjustable cushioned seat with three height settings; low step-through frame
Care instructions: Store in a cool, dry place; wipe down dry after rain; check bolts are kept tight 
Safety Standards Compliance: Toy Safety Standards EN71; AS/NZS 8124

Fit Check:
To get the right seat height for your child, ensure that when they are seated, both feet are flat on the ground. Their legs should bend minimally (i.e. the child should essentially be standing but supported by the seat). Check that when they ride, this positioning encourages them to propel themselves forward by running on the balls of their feet, but ensure they can also put their feet flat to slow down and stop.

NOTE: Bike accessories sold separately