Lalaboom Mini Cube (Mini Cube & 8pc Beads)

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Lalaboom – Cube and Beads to Assemble Preschool – Step by Step Shapes and Colors Construction Game for Children from 10 Months to 4 Years Old

A bunch of benefits - inspired by the Montessori method, Lalaboom beads invite your child to develop new skills essential to their development and at their own pace - sensory discoveries; fine motor skills; visual acuity; dexterity; concentration; hand-eye coordination; logic; creativity

“At Lalaboom, we provide children with smart toys and educational content to optimize their potential and environment.".

10 months, children are ripe for sensory exploration and the development of visual acuity through various textures and colours of the beads that they begin to assemble.

15 months, toddlers can open and close beads. 18 months, children can mix the beads and create several combinations.

24 months, children can create long strings of beads and explore their creativity.

36 months, children can lace up the beads using the included lacing tool. These are the first steps to learning how to write!

Since 2020, our beads have officially been awarded with STEM accreditation