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My Bum's on THE RUN! by Dawn McMillan

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Ross Kinnaird’s dynamic wacky illustrations once again bring Dawn McMillan’s rollicking rhyming text to life in this perennially popular series that has engaged even the most reluctant of readers with its humour.

Down the footpath, along past the trees I'm out in front, moving with ease. (With my new secret weapon - cabbage and peas!)

Red Pants Boy (RPB) really, really wants to win a running race. But try as he might, his bum is slowing him down. What can he do? Find something to move his bum along, of course! Maybe a kite, or a rocket blast, or a big engine? Nah, he figures he needs some bum-strengthening exercises - some squats, kicks, steps and lunges. And while he's working out, a whole lot of other folk join him.

After some training he's off - on a cross-country race near home. Think he's set up to win? There's a twist to this tale, involving his wee dog friend crossing the line ahead of him by the tip of an ear …

The authors Dawn McMillan is the much-loved author of numerous children's books including the hits I Need a New Bum!, Doctor Grundy's Undies and Why Do Dogs Sniff Bottoms?. She lives in Waiomu, north of Thames. Ross Kinnaird is an illustrator and graphic designer whose books have been published in many countries, many of them in collaboration with Dawn. He lives close to the water on Auckland's North Shore.

ISBN 9781990042416, 32 pages

  • Age: 4 years and over
  • Approx. book dimensions: 22 x 23 cm
  • Format: Paperback
  • Author: Dawn McMillan
  • Publisher: Oratia Books