Eco-Friendly Natural Wooden Stacking Stones - Large Set of 12

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Natural Wooden Stacking Stones - Large (12pcs), a must-have item for both play and decoration. These handcrafted wooden stones are designed to inspire imagination and develop crucial skills in children.

Created with eco-friendly, non-toxic beech wood, these stacking stones are safe for kids of all ages. Each stone is unique, with slight variations in size, color, and wood grain, adding to their charm.

Let your little ones explore their creativity as they stack, build, balance, and turn these wooden stones into mystical lands. This open-ended play encourages problem-solving skills and fosters imagination.

  • Enhance logical thinking and observation skills
  • Foster creativity and problem-solving abilities

Not only are these stacking stones ideal Montessori and Waldorf toys, but they also make excellent decorations for homes, rooms, nurseries, and offices. Their natural wooden appearance complements any aesthetic.

The set includes 12 large wooden stones carefully packed in a box measuring 5cm x 28cm x 13.5cm. Each stone is lightweight yet sturdy, weighing a total of 600g. Plus, we include a complimentary canvas drawstring bag for easy storage and transport.

  • Material: Eco-friendly, non-toxic beech wood
  • Package size: 5cm x 28cm x 13.5cm (boxed)
  • Set: 12 pcs
  • Product weight: 600g
  • Sizes, colors, and wood grain may slightly vary from those in the photos due to the handcrafted and hand-painted nature of the stones.

Unleash your child's creativity and watch them explore with our Natural Wooden Stacking Stones. Order yours today and embark on a journey filled with imagination and skill-building!