Rainbow Musical Tree Building Blocks with Wooden Balls

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Rainbow Musical Tree Building Blocks with Wooden Balls

This Montessori interactive toy, crafted with natural plywood leaves and beechwood trunk, captivates children's attention with its brilliant hues and melodious tones, training their understanding of color and music while also improving hand-eye coordination, patience, and fine motor skills. Featuring six unique colors with five petals each and ten wooden balls, toddlers can enjoy the "ding-ding" music by dropping the ball from a high place, following the colorful leaves.

An ideal gift for a birthday, this set comes with easy instructions for setup – simply install screws at the bottom, attach the trunk, place petals with the pointed side facing down, and bask in the enjoyment of play!

Size: 22cm x 22cm x 72cm.

Note: Monitor and light effects may lead to slight differences in product colour. Please allow 1-3cm measurement.

Age: 3 years and above