Snuggly Bunny Baby Comforter - Mustard Yellow

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Snuggly Bunny Baby Comforter - Mustard Yellow

This pink bunny muslin cotton baby comforter is a must-have for newborns. Made with 100% muslin cotton, it is super cuddly and soft, ensuring your little one has a perfect companion.

We've designed it thoughtfully, taking great care to ensure baby safety. The comforter is safe for the baby to hug, play and carry along, helping to settle them into a sleeping routine. It also helps with the transition when babies begin to feel like individual beings.

The baby comforter calms your baby and gives them a sense of comfort. The comforter also comes with a knotted corner to tie the dummy, ensuring you never lose it. Our minimalist yet sophisticated design features stitched eyes and noses for baby safety.

The comforter is CE certified and measures 30cm x 30cm, with a weight of 50g. You can get a pair (twin pack) as a backup and get more value for your money.

The comforter is available in different colours, so you have various options to choose from.

Please note that due to different monitors and light effects, the actual colour of the item might be slightly different from the colour shown in the picture.