Sunset & Rainbow Wooden Stacking Nesting Bowls

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Style: Rainbow

Introducing Rainbow-Colored Wooden Stacking Bowls, a Versatile and Enduring Toy Perfect for Children of All Ages.

With Vibrant Hues, These Bowls Inspire Countless Play Scenarios and are a Valued Addition to Any Child's Playtime.

Ageless Entertainment: From infants to older kids, these rainbow-colored wooden stacking bowls offer enjoyment across various age groups. Infants and toddlers will relish stacking and sorting by size, and constructing vibrant towers. Meanwhile, older children can engage in imaginative play, utilizing them as cooking vessels, plates, treasure keepers, and more.

Crafted to Perfection: Each bowl is meticulously hand-sanded from basswood, ensuring a flawlessly smooth finish. This meticulous craftsmanship provides a sensory treat, offering a pleasing touch and an easy grip for little hands.

Spacious Design: The largest bowl in the set boasts a diameter of approximately 11 cm, adding versatility to play scenarios and ensuring ample room for exploration.

These Rainbow-Colored Wooden Stacking Bowls are more than just a toy; they're a gateway to exploration and creativity. They foster developmental skills while offering boundless opportunities for imaginative play. Crafted with care and designed for enduring enjoyment, these bowls are bound to become cherished companions throughout your child's formative years.

Size: 8cm x 4 x 11cm

Estimated delivery timeframe: 7-14 working days