The New Zealand Night Sky by Alistair Hughes

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A practical, relevant and inspiring introduction for young readers about the awesome New Zealand night sky.

It leads the young beginner around the constellations, planets, star clusters and our own moon while giving fascinating details about their history, about Māori mythology and the relevance of astronomy today.

Hughes’ lavish illustrations bring these distant objects to life, depicting cosmic and historical events and visually conveying what would be otherwise complex ideas.

New Zealand is considered one of the best countries to view the night sky with far less light pollution than many densely populated regions, and we are blessed with the most spectacular region of the sky right above us.

No expensive equipment is required as the book describes what can be seen with a pair of binoculars.  

The New Zealand Night Sky includes profiles of leading New Zealand astronomers including Beatrice Tinsley, Sir William Pickering, Charles Gifford and husband and wife team, Pamela Kilmartin and Alan Gilmore.

ISBN 9781776940110

48 pages, 250 x 250 mm