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Topsy Turvy Swedish Ladder Combo

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Style: Natural Framing
What's included this combo?
Swedish ladder/triangle/slide + Floor mat + Rope ladder + Swing/trapeze + Climbing rope + Gymnastics rings

Designed with our tamariki in mind, the Topsy Turvy Swedish Ladders are a fantastic way to keep your little ones active, entertained and ensure that they are developing essential motor skills in a safe environment. This is so needed for many Kiwi kids to meet their active movement needs.

Made from high-quality materials, this ladder features wooden rungs that are tough enough to handle even the most rambunctious kids, and with a weight capacity of over 100kg, they are also a great piece of exercise equipment for parents to join their kids and do pull ups, push ups, sit ups, stretches etc. Our ladder is compliant with CE safety guidelines to ensure peace of mind.

*Note, we do not recommend using the ladder if you are over 110kg*

The Swedish Ladder is common in Europe as it is an exceptional tool for kids to develop their mobility, coordination, balance, and strength. Climbing up the ladder allows kids to see and explore their environment from a new perspective, fulfilling their natural built-in need to learn new things. Learning to climb is a wonderful way to get kids physically and mentally active and build their confidence while reducing screen time!

Assembling this Swedish ladder is a breeze, we will include a detailed assembly and installation guide with every purchase. The ladder is designed to be mounted to the studs and nogs in the wall. We strongly recommend installation is completed by a local, reputable tradesperson.

There is also the option for the our team to install for an additional fee if you are within a 1 hour drive of West Auckland. Please contact us to organise this.

Once it is set up, your tamariki can use it in a variety of ways - climbing up and down the rungs, doing chin-ups or even simply hanging off the bar like a bunch of monkeys.

Available in 3 customised colour schemes: 

  • Natural framing and natural rungs
  • White framing and natural rungs
  • Black framing and natural rungs

This ladder also comes with our unique pikler triangle and slide which have three uses!

1. As a normal pikler triangle and slide would be on the floor.

2. It easily slips on to the frame allowing for younger kids to hang in safety at a lower height and also climb and slide off the ladder using the triangle to stabilise themselves.

3. The triangle can also be mounted like a bridge on the base of the frame to allow for additional exploration and climbing for kids!

This ladder is perfect for indoor play, and its compact design means it won't take up too much space in your home or play area. With the Swedish Ladder for kids play, your children will have endless opportunities for fun and physical activity, all while building strength and coordination. Encourage your little ones to stay active, have fun, and develop their physical abilities with this exceptional ladder that provides both entertainment and exercise. 

Our Swedish Ladder will be a great long term investment for yourself and your tamariki with its durable and aesthetic design.

DISCLAIMER: Topsy Turvy NZ Limited assumes no responsibility or liability for any accidents, injuries, or damages that may result from the use of our Swedish ladders and accessories. By purchasing and using our products, you acknowledge and agree that Topsy Turvy NZ Limited shall not be held responsible or liable for any injuries or damages that occur during or as a result of using our Swedish ladders.

Furthermore, Topsy Turvy NZ Limited strongly recommends that parents or guardians supervise children when using our products and ensure that they are using the Swedish ladders correctly and safely. Topsy Turvy NZ Limited provides safety guidelines and instructions with each product, and it is the responsibility of the user to follow them carefully.