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TouchThinkLearn: Build! by Xavier Deneux

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Ready, set, BUILD!! Place the bricks, manoeuvre the crane, and raise the roof! Brilliant aesthetics, great play value, and educationally rich content with the same moveable play pieces fitting into die-cut openings! This hands-on building project helps readers develop shape recognition skills and fine motor skills, all with a fun narrative about building not only a home but a family as well.

Touch Think Learn Build! is a stunning board book. It is an experience for children. Run you figures over the shapes and children learn the meaning of building a home.
Build! offers an interactive and highly educational experience for children. Removable puzzle-like pieces are used to build a house and create a family, teaching young children the importance why you and your family need a home.

ISBN: 9781452178714
215 x 215mm, 14 pages
Format: Board Book
Age range: 0-5 (Preschool)